Small/Medium size 4×4 vehicle providing high modularity and various protection levels, depending on the mission definition. The overall designis suitable for various roles and is highly flexible with respect to mission requirements. GVW of 9 tons makes it a very suitable and universal vehicle for almost all required roles in the current asymmetric warefare. Strong 160kw, 4-cylinder militarized engine, providing ample torque of 810Nm, coupled with Allison automatic transmission, lockable differentials driveline, independent suspension and durable military specs tires which provide great mobility of this vehicle over various terrains. Featuring CTIS in its basic version, this vehicle is a prerequisite for the successful mission completion.

The basic vehicle comes in ballistic protection of level 1 as per STANG 4569, upgradeable to Level 1 as per STANG 4569, upgradeable to Level 2, or FB 7 of CEN 1522, with corresponding floor protection against small antipersonnel grenades. In addition, the light version of this vehicle (without the armored protection) is also available for liaison role within the secure areas. The vehicles design reflects harsh climatic conditions on the Arabian peninsula and provides the space for high level of the customization. The vast options in equipment, accessories modules and systems make it an ideal choice for the land forces and similar military oriented units. The vehicle has been rigourously tested and is being approved by the milarty certification institure of the EU origin.