Shibl-1 Light Armored Utility Vehicle

Shibl-1 is a light armored utility vehicle designed and developed by Armored Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Factory. The primary focus during vehicle design has been safety, speed and maneuverability making it suitable for a variety of missions such as scouting or border patrol vehicle. It can accommodate a 2+1 personnel crew.

Vehicles armored hull has been made from high hardened steel and coupled with bullet proof windows provides protection from all sides against FB6 threats as per CEN1063. Its powerful 6 cylinder engine with 221HP and 380Nm of torque allows it to excel in off-road terrain while its maximum speed of 140Km makes it a hard target to hit. Furthermore, vehicles size ensures a low visual signature, allows for a tight turning radius, and with ability to climb high gradients it is highly maneuverable in both urban and mountainous areas.

Shibil-1 multi gun holder allows integration of various machine guns and a grenade launcher while the version with Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATG) is extremely lethal against armored targets due to design features of the vehicle. In addition, vehicle can be equipped with Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS).The vehicle comes equipped with runflat system and can be integrated with a wide array of equipment such as smoke grenades, communication set, navigation, awareness system, sniper detection system etc.