Armored Patrol Vehicle-1

Armored Patrol Vehicle (APV) is small size 4×4 vehicle in an arsenal of vehicles, designed by Saudi based Armored Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Factory (AVF). Low GVW of 4.2 tons and durable military tires with runflat system ensure that the vehicle handling is never compromised and provides for excellent off-road performance with a V6 engine of 230HP and 360Nm of torque.

APVs modular armor design reflects the best ratio between crew protection and weight making it ideal for mission requirements ,such as, border security vehicle or reconnaissance vehicle . Armor and glass protection of crew cabin and rear deck station correspond to the highest ballistic protection of FB7 (CEN1063), while engine section corresponds to FB6 (CEN 1063) ballistic protection. 

In addition, APV is highly customizable in terms of protection levels and equipment while AVFs Integral Logistic Support (ILS) ensures a comprehensive and reliable service throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.