Al Shibl 1

Light armored vehicle 4 X 4








• Armored hull, made of high hardness steel and designed to provide protection from all
  sides against light weapons caliber 7.62 mm built on commercial chassis

• Armored glass fitted to the vehicle provides the same protection level

• Remote control weapon station for different machine guns or

• Multi weapon ring mount (7.62mm, 12.7mm, 40mm)

• Firing ports in both sides & in the rear

• Wheels are fitted with run flat system .



3 persons

Combat weight

3600 kg

Pay load

600 kg

Maximum speed

120 km/h

Engine power

221 hp

Engine torque

387 Nm



3940 mm


1760 mm

Height w/o Gun amount

2510/1860 mm

Wheel base

2310 mm

Ground Clearance

328 mm


Additional specifications:

• Smoke grenades

• Communication, navigation and vision sets.

• Up armoring .

• Family of vehicles, ( Command, ambulance, engineering,APC …etc).


The hull

The Hull is made from high hardness armored steel and designed in a way to increase the protection level and decrease the air resistance


The doors

The vehicle is provided with two side doors and one rear door, in addition to gunner hatch in the roof.


Ring mount

The vehicle is provided with ring and gun mounts for different weapons


Armored Glass

The armored glass fitted to the vehicle provides the same level of protection of the hull.Comm.(good)


Lower protection

The fuel tank is protected from 7.62 mm ammunition, while the protection of bottom is against high explosive grenade launchers.


Engine compartment

The engine compartment and its cover are designed in a way to give access to all items need periodical maintenance. The design takes with much concern the engine cooling


Gunner Platform

The gunner can adjust the height of this platform to choose the suitable height


communications,navigation and electric sets

The vehicle is fitted with communication and GPS sets, in addition to electric set with 24 volt power



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